My Oxygen Region is East Germany...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

From Bremen to Holtum

We are currently traveling around Northern Germany and have just met up with Joel and Henrietta. We spent three days in Bremen, which is probably most famous for the fairy tale The Town Muscians of Bremen, and Beck's beer. We were really impressed by the colorful homes and overall diversity. We stayed in a nice little B&B south of the city center. A Russian family lived in the basement who had a little boy Bella's age. We met our friends in Bremen on Wenesday and traveled back to their famillies village by car. So, now we are in Holtum. Henrietta's family home was built in the 18th is a traditional farmer's home. I will surely post pictures once we return to Leipzig. Bella is having a wonderful time exploring the farm and playing with the two very gentle but giant dogs. Also, today Brian turned 40! Yesterday at midnight he was serenaded and everyone had a glass of champagne....except for Bella and I of course.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Morning

This morning Bella opened the gifts sent by her Grandparents. Brian and I also gave her an xylophone tuned to the C Scale, a felted rabbit puppet, and a wooden geometric toy.

Grandmere sent Bella a very nice Levis Jean Jacket and a huge, glow in the dark Hoberman. Bella is really enjoying the Hoberman. Grandma and Grandpa Hopkins sent Bella a box full of clothing....Including a little pair of cowboy cut Wranglers and a fringed jean dress with horses on it. They also sent a stuffed longhorn....We have named him "Tofu the Vegetarian Longhorn."

Bella took a few steps last night with her wagon...And I actually got it on tape! I will email that soon.

GrandMaster Toot and the Fabulous tooth

Before Bella and Brian wake up on this beautiful Christmas morning in Leipzig (Yes! the sky is actually blue and not factory grey), I have a few minutes to post. We went over to Jochen's flat on Friday night for a visit with our local family. Bella and Moira (Doris's Daughter) (Doris is Jochen's Girlfriend) are always excited to see one another.

Since Grandmere had sent a load of winter fashions the week before, Bella was surely stylin for the gig.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Last Minute Plumber!

As we all know a broken home appliance on X-mas Eve can be a real hassle. Who do you call? And..when someone agrees to the job it always cost an arm and a leg. NOT THIS TIME. Well...our sink was acting funny this morning and we were lucky enough to have an in-house plumber show and clear the pipes in no time.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Proof! Dresses and Mobility do not mix!

Holiday Cards

We tried to order holiday cards this year with Bella's photo but we were contacted a little too late by the company and informed that the order experienced a computer error when ordered. That was frustrating. Grandma Gentry and Grandmere Sherry both sent a X-mas dress for Bella weeks ago....Actually Grandmere sent two. Bella is not really at the age where she enjoys wearing clothing...She prefers nudity. For the sake of the Grandmothers I took a pictures of her wearing the dresses.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It Snowed!

Sunday night was magical. We had our dear friend's Joel and Henriette over who helped us to decorate our flat for the holidays. While we love the way the environment changes with a x-mas tree in the room, we both knew that Bella would be compelled to tear it down and we don't want to spend the next few weeks saying ,"No...Don't touch the tree," every five minutes. We decided to frame our large window overlooking the park with a fresh cedar and juniper garland. We even added lights and ornaments. So on Sunday night we all had tea and cookies and watched the snow through our magical window. Actually it was more of a blizzard.

We decided to end our traditional German Advent with a trip to a Mexican cafe a few blocks away. Bella has been eagerly awaiting her first real sleigh ride....We have been pulling her around on the carpet since I found the sled at a flea market. We all bundled up and headed out the door. Bella really loved it...Since we don't use a stroller she is always carried in a sling...Outside of when we use our jogger to run or rollerblade around the park. She seemed very confident riding through the icy streets not attached to Brian or I.

The snow has since melted. I can't wait till' the next one though. Perhaps I am a little more excited than Bella.


Brian and I have decided to create this blog as a gift for our family and friends abroad. Rather than sending emails with photos we will post pictures and stories here every fews days. The first story is an exciting one (at least for new parents and most grandparents). Stay tuned....