My Oxygen Region is East Germany...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Hamburg....

Here Bella and Steve wait for the U-Bahn in Hamburg after the soundcheck.

Isha and Papa ride the train.

At the hostel in Hamburg, Bella tries on all of her new costumes at once.

Bella at her first rock and roll show. This is at the soundcheck before the show.

Below Steve entertains Isha and Bella at the same time.

Click to play Isha eats pasta
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our trip to Hamburg!

All four of us went to Hamburg to meet Steve. He only had a little
time before and after the show, but it was entirely worth the journey.
Here, Steve attempts to eat breakfast while Bella sits on his head/back.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Heave Ho! You Landlubbers

We'll start this blog entry with Bella doing a wonderful kung fu pose. She's a natural. This was take in the park on a beautiful autumn day.

Isha has been crawling, standing and even walking a little bit. He has to stand up at every opportunity! Here he sports some striped trousers that are encroaching on his armpits.

Bella, the scary pirate in her new platform bed.

Bella, the silly, sensitive pirate.

Our wonderful neighbor, Maria, her son Benjamin and Bella at Bella's first-ever art opening. Her work was featured as part of a children's art class at the museum of contemporary art. Maria and her husband Martin are favorites of Bella's. Maria often lets Bella come over and just hang out, eat dinner, or listen to her practice trumpet. Maria was nice enough to attend Bella's opening, and Bella was very happy to see her and Benjamin there.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bears, Bifocals, and Bella...oh my!!!

I find that this photo of Bella exudes her sense of self confidence and

Excuse me professor.....

Isha looks dashing in these Sally Jesse Raphael bifocals....

Queen of the mountain!...or rather, the monument.

In this photo Bella bashfully glances down as she stands on a bridge over a moat
around a castle in Torgau, Germany. Did you know that it was quite common
for royalty to keep bears in the castle moat?