My Oxygen Region is East Germany...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Our friend Allen met us at the Christmas Market on Thursday evening and brought his very excellent camera along so we have some new pictures. Here is the carousel that Bella so dearly loves. It is very old and quite unique. It is 2 stories tall and has many different animals and places for the children (and parents) to ride.
A closeup of the carousel.
Here Bella rides the carousel ("it goes around and around"). She loves to ride it indefinitely and gets a little upset when she has to get off. She particularly likes the horse. She also rides the train (not shown).
Fun, fun, fun!
We got some more pictures from our bike trip to the wine country this past summer with Allen and Katherine. Allen had taken these and they are new to us as well. Many of them are excellent, so as a surprise we thought we would include a few. This shows Bella's first rainbow ever.
Bella was in a particularly good mood after riding through wine country all day on the bike. Here she entertains some locals at a cafe.
Bella sitting amongst the grapes and laughing. Here she sports a new tattoo.
How cute is this?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Broken Camera

There are no new photos yet because our camera is broken. We will try to fix it but have not been successful so far. Hopefully Rachel can repair it because we cannot replace it right now. If you don't see any new pics for a while, this is the reason. Sorry, folks.