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Thursday, December 29, 2005

From Bremen to Holtum

We are currently traveling around Northern Germany and have just met up with Joel and Henrietta. We spent three days in Bremen, which is probably most famous for the fairy tale The Town Muscians of Bremen, and Beck's beer. We were really impressed by the colorful homes and overall diversity. We stayed in a nice little B&B south of the city center. A Russian family lived in the basement who had a little boy Bella's age. We met our friends in Bremen on Wenesday and traveled back to their famillies village by car. So, now we are in Holtum. Henrietta's family home was built in the 18th is a traditional farmer's home. I will surely post pictures once we return to Leipzig. Bella is having a wonderful time exploring the farm and playing with the two very gentle but giant dogs. Also, today Brian turned 40! Yesterday at midnight he was serenaded and everyone had a glass of champagne....except for Bella and I of course.


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