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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Part 3

Here are some more photos from out trip last March-May.
We start with one of Bella's many new outfits.

Isha is almost always happy.


Caught in the act.

I love this photo. It has a very '60s feel.

We visited Sam and Erica in Houston while in Texas. One day we went to the museum and has a really great time. This was taken afterwards.

Erica and Bella enjoy a moment's rest at the play area in the mall. Both Bella and Isha loved it there and it was a great outing for a rainy Texas day.

Erica and Isha hang out while Bella rides the merry-go-round.

Isha being Isha.

Bella enjoys Sam and Erica's back yard sporting her new look.

Sam relaxes while Isha plays with the sprinkler.

Isha loved the sprinkler!