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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Outfits for Witches and Alice

This is Bella posing as one of her favorite characters - a wicked witch. We have many of them flying around our apartment these days. Are you scared?

Bella recieved a package with lots of new clothes from Nana and Sarah. She had a lot of fun trying them on and below are some samples of those ensembles.
Bella decided to dress up a bit and pose with Basil the Bee, one of her many friends.
Here Bella makes us a cake. It was quite delicious, the service was excellent and the waitress was very chic.
Bella enjoys her too-too and becoming a dancer.
This is an outfit for a toot on the go! She went out on the town shortly after this photo.
Here is Bella as one of her many current alter egos - Alice (in Wonderland, of course). Wonderland is quite a busy place!