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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Mimi!...well, belated...

On Grandmere's birthday we were getting ready to take a few fashion shots of Bella wearing the pink and Black dress that she sent. Unfortunately, Bella fell and hit her face on the bookshelf that evening and we didn't want to "push it" by requesting that she wear a dress. Instead Brian and Bella made a poster. Bella dictated what to write to papa and then decorated it with an abstract, avant-garde piece entitled "dadadadadadadadadadadada", which translated, roughly means "I think you'd better check my diaper".

Today was Bella's last day of Music class...we have a bit of a break before the next semester begins on Feb. 2nd. A photographer came to class today and took a ton of photos of all of the babies in action. We get th ephotos next week! Bella brought her doll to class...and Brian was also able to come today since it was a special day. After her afternoon nap, Bella's friend Lili came over to play. They had so much fun dancing and playing with musical instruments.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I know that there is a team of Bella fans sitting around a computer in Houston, Texas waiting for an update so here you go! Since we haven't traveled to any exciting places in the last two weeks I will have to update you on the daily grind.

We gave Bella a bath on MOnday in her Tummy Tub (Mom, now you really know how tiny she is...she still fits in the Tummy tub!). I let her soak and carried her around the house in the tub...we pretended she had a party limo with a hot tub.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

If I really feel like torturing Rachel all I have to do is imitate Bella. Sometimes we both look at her with the same expression and it drives her nuts. Here we are in Bremen giving Rachel the old one-two.

Step Into My Office

Now we have returned home and are settled in again. Bella is keeping mama and papa on their toes by doing some very important work around the house. She loves to get into baskets and boxes of any sort. She stands up while holding on to something very easily now and in the last few days has made some attempts at standing on her own. She is also trying to say her name. It seems like it is different every day!

Sledding In Holtum

While in Holtum we took several long walks in the snow and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Bella and Rachel got a ride on the sled. Bella likes both long walks, even if it is cold and especially enjoys sled rides.

The Vest

Bella's Auntee Sarah bought her this little vest and for the past week when Bella wakes up in the morning she wants to find the vest and wear the picture she is also wearing a sweater sleeve on her head...

Holtum Barn House