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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time to Catch up....

Wow! We have been busy. Bella has been dealing with various illnesses following her first birthday....come to find out that she simply has allergies. There is a river running under our building that is being unearthed for the World Cup. It is stirring things up a bit and creating a mold problem. So, Bella and several other children in the area are dealing with allergies. We are working with the owners of our building and trying to see if we can get out a little earlier. Bella and I have been looking at flats in our spare time.

The biggest news other than that is that Bella was fitted with her first pair of shoes on Friday. And...boy is she proud!!!! She loves shoes. When we entered the store the owner approached Bella and thought she was going to have to coax Bella into letting her measure foot....instead, Bella stuck her foot out and pointed around the room and repeated the word "shoe" several times. Bella wanted to try on every flashy pair of shoes available. The owner suggested a flexible sole and Bella found her shoes....pictured above.

Also....for the last two weeks Bella has a morning ritual of putting scarves many as she can find. She also likes putting underwear around her neck....I guess she likes accessories.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Gran Mere said...

Shopper loose and out of control on aisle 4! Sounds like Bella has a love of shoes like her Great Mimi Nena.
Accessories can make or break an outfit so she's going for broke!
I love those strawberry shoes. I think you should all go out and buy red shoes!


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