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Monday, November 27, 2006

Fall Activities

We all went to the Fall Bazaar at the Waldorf school and Bella got to do several activities. Here she shows a display she made. She also saw a live band made up of the students there and she really enjoyed it. She got up in front and danced and clapped and generally had a good time hanging out with the big kids.
On Sunday we took a walk through the park. We found a giant leaf and Bella models it here.
Here she holds the leaf up to show it off.
Bella decided to get a tiny leaf for comparison.
Once we got to the playground Bella got down to business and mama took this artistic shot.
Bella was very busy making cakes at the playground and they were quite delicious!


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Gran Mere said...

What beautiful Fall Bella photo's!
She is so photogenic.
I am glad she enjoyed her visit to the Waldorf school. The one in Vermont even had a barn with farm animals the children cared for.
Her Swiss hat is so cute with her blue eyes.
What a busy girl doing art, dancing, and paticipating in music appreciation.
Her sled picture is on my desktop as my screensaver.I am ready for winter now.


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