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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More Cooking

Cooking and reading....that is what we do. We have read to Bella everyday since the day she was born and once longed for the time when she would bring us a book and sit on our laps. Since her first birthday, when she learned to walk, she has been a real book worm. Now, however, she is so eager to read that it’s tough to get things done around the house without stopping every few moments to read a new book. We go to the library twice a week to bring new material into our home. She also takes time to read to all of her animals and babies while we scramble in the background to wash a dish or two.

BUT....once she sees that we are washing dishes she insists on helping (or supervising, depending on her mood). She helps to make breakfast every morning. After Brian has left for work she often says, “clean!”....and points to the kitchen. Her first task involve clearing the dishes off of the coffee table and bring them into the kitchen. She does this very carefully.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Gran Mere said...

Papa Brian looks like her French
chef instructor dressed in black with black glasses. So chic.
I found Bella a real, doublebreasted chef jacket and am making her a puffy chef hat to top it off. If she is cooking at age 1-I guess it will be driving a car at 5 and next; world domination.
She already has Nana domination from across the ocean !


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