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Monday, May 15, 2006

First days with Grandmere

We picked up Grandmere from the airport on Thursday morning. Bella chose a small bouquet of flowers from the florist shop near the streetcar station.

Bella is extremely skeptical about most people...outside of the really intoxicated men who hang out near the train station....she is always friendly with them. She is warming up to Grandmere... For the past two mornings I woke up to find Bella sitting on the bed staring at Grandmere.


At 1:45 PM, Anonymous baby z said...

i'm fiendin' for some new pics! and i haven't seen a picture of rachel in ages! post some, please :)

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Nana said...

Bella in her argyle sweater vest running with the big kids at the park!
And, what a memory-meeting me at the
airport with flowers in the same dress I made for Rachel over 25 years ago!
The last time I visited, she was a babe and to see her walking around and acting so big was so much fun!


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